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A collaborative process in which clients work one-on-one with a licensed clinician in a safe and confidential environment to facilitate change and improve their quality of life. Therapy is customized based on an individual’s presenting problems and utilizes a strength-based approach to help achieve the maximum benefit.  Individual’s seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons including coping with major life challenges, depression, anxiety, divorce, and stress. 

Family Therapy


We often use this familial approach in treatment to address specific issues that impact the entire family like major life transitions, interpersonal conflict, communication, or parenting challenges. Family therapy may be often by itself or in conjunction with other therapeutic services.  It can be a beneficial intervention for a wide variety of mental health conditions including depression, behavioral problems in children and/or adolescents, family conflict, separation, divorce, or family reunification. 

Play Therapy


A common technique used in child psychotherapy is using play therapy.  Play is the natural way in which children express themselves and work through problems and struggles.  Utilization of therapeutic toys, art, music, and sandtray provide the child with a way to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a comfortable and familiar manner.  The licensed clinician provides a safe, accepting environment for the child to explore his/her worries, thoughts, and fear while helping him/her resolve these inner most conflicts. 

Psychological Evaluations


There are many different types of psychological evaluations that can be used based on the age of the individual and purpose of the evaluation.  Typical reasons for evaluations may be for diagnostic clarification, treatment recommendations, Autism/Asperger’s, educational (gifted, learning disability), trauma related, cognitive functioning, parenting evaluations, and court ordered.

Parenting Support


We know that raising a child can be one of the most challenging jobs in life.  Many parents have questions about how to respond to parenting challenges in today’s world.  We offer parenting support in both an individual and group format.  Interventions can help your work through various situations that present themselves at different stages in your child’s development.

Psych Evaluations
Parenting Support

Professional Supervision

Group Discussion

We offer supervision for mental health counselors, social workers, and doctoral level students.  Supervision is provided in individual and group format. 


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